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Description: Playful man beating his hard boner on bed

Added: 2012-05-04 Duration: 2:00 Tags: hard rod


Tight Ass
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These Cowboys live in a man's world, where their day is long, sweaty, and hot. When they have a moment of down time with their guy studs, their erotica instincts take over and they taking pleasure each other in true cowboy fashion: anal in the air, ridin' brutal and shooting far. A barn-side trio, the hairiest nail series of the year and a reverse cowboy masterpiece and more, Cowboys, Part 2 will have you saying yee-haw. Scene 1: Adam Champ & Wilfried Knight Adam Champ and Wilfried Knight only have 1 last thing to do in the barn, but as they approach the wooden structure, Wilfried is receiving few wood. He puts his arm around his guy furry cowboy and pats him on the ass. Adam has something similar on his mind and he immediately pornstars making out with Wilfried. Preggo petting of exceeded hairy chests ensues. Adam gets charge quickly and forces Wilfred to suck his thick, dark, uncut cock, his chest heaving as the Western sun pounds down onto his sweaty body. Standing up on a stack of hay bales, Wilfried then pushes Adam's mouth onto his uncut stick. It's not extra big before Wilfried is on his knees receiving fingered by Adam before he exchanges fingers for his fat part of meat, which Wilfried gladly pushes back on. Flipping over, Wilfried's anal are in the air and Adam is pounding away. These 2 have wanted to business together for years and when they begin to nail they leave nuts in the hairiest, beefiest nail series of the year that ends in enormous loads of Creampie shooting out of 2 uncut cocks. Scene 2: Colby Keller, Chris Porter & Tommy Defendi Colby Keller arrives on the tractor, only back from the fields to find Chris Porter resting and Tommy Defendi working on his truck. Colby wakes Chris from his nap by running his hand up Chris's leg. He begins kissing him and stoking what's under Chris's blue jeans. Colby's fat brutal hook is out of his pants quickly and Chris bows his head to swallow it up, and swallow on Colby's balls. Tommy is watching from a distance, but fixing the truck may wait for now. He heads over and begins making out with Colby, then pulls his enormous dipstick out. Chris begins going back and forth between the 2 enormous poles in his face, swallowing each 1 over and over. Colby gives back to Chris, slurping on his hook while Chris gets Tommy to the back of his throat. Spitting on and fingering Chris's tight hole, Colby warms it up so he may plow few ass, and boy does this farmer know how to plow. Chris is taking a enormous hook in the anal and 1 in the mouth, until his friends flip him over on his back and switch positions. Tommy's now delivering the sucks to Chris's glory-hole with his enormous tool until Chris unloads onto his stomach, leading Tommy to send streams of Creampie shooting out his cock, hitting Chris in the face, inspiring Colby to drop a fat load. Scene 3: Jesse Santana & Lawson Kane Jesse Santana returns to the barn from a extra big day on the range. Lawson Kane helps him stable his horse, and then they get to making out. These cowboys are restless and they rub each other and kiss to the point of total excitement. Clothes begin to fly off and Jesse can't wait to suck on what might be the biggest dick in porn, Lawson's cane. Jesse opens wide and slurps down on the super-humongous cock. Lawson fucks Jesse's mouth and then eats out his sexy ass, preparing him for a reverse cowboy rodeo. Riding the enormous hook like it's his trusty steed, Jesse's glory-hole engulfs Lawson's prick. There is something sexy about to cowboys screwing on bales of hay. It's been happening for hundreds of years! These cowboys are both exhibitionists. They get off on the fact that you are at home, your hand around your cock, watching them have the best sex of their lives. In a stunning reverse cowboy position, they nail until they may hardly stand up! Its powerful porno that will leave you exhausted.....exhausted but happy! Jesse's eager glory-hole jumps Lawson's stiff stick like a champion hoping feverishly until he gets on all fours letting Lawson leave to town with punishing thrusts that Jesse welcomes with heat groans that lead to a final earth-shaking orgasm shooting onto a saddle that Jesse licks up. Lawson lays back and jerks enormous sprays out of his stunning cock. Scene 4: Leo Forte & Aybars Cow hand Leo Forte, is practicing his whip prowess next to the barn. Aybars approaches and lays his mouth on Leo. The making out leads to cowboy Aybars' stiff staff emerging from his jeans. Leo is down on it instantaneously, and Aybars feeds Leo's blowjob and slams the erect brutal hook against his face when it's out of those hot Latin lips. Strings of Leo's drool fly as Aybars relentlessly jams his hook down Leo's esophagus. The sculpted and furry Turkish cowboy rams Leo, who braces himself on few hay bales, generating moans of ecstasy from Leo. It's not extra big before Leo's on his back, anal in the air and Aybars is aggressively jamming every inch deeper. The animalistic growls from both hunks tell you they're having the time of their lives. Then Aybars really gets charge and fucks the shit out of his bottom-Leo, reduced to an insatiable part of sex meat. Huge Creampie shots at the end let you all know that a good time was had by all. Leo gets up and walks away, his anal still quivering as he sets off in search of another top.
2:00 Tags: outdoor muscle

Cockwork Directed by Tony Dimarco Cockwork is inspired by a cinematic masterpiece, borrowing striking stylistic elements from the vintage film. Director Tony Dimarco skillfully pays homage by drawing inspiration and fetishizing the masculine imagery of the bowler hat, men's dress shoes, jock straps, socks and sock garters. The hooligan cast, Exclusives D.O., Tom Wolfe, Jesse Santana, Heath Jordan and Alexander Garrett, as well as fan favorites Marc Dylan and Cavin Knight get clothed up in their inspired attire, and then they get seriously sexed up when Dimarco unleashes them into a surreal gray world where aggressive sexy game is the buy of the day. These radical "sexos," who violate each other in all the best ways are going to take over your screen and arrest your senses by wreaking cheeky bravado and porn havoc in every scene. Scene 1 - D.O. & Alexander Garrett: Looking dapper in their dark bowlers and orange jocks, D.O. and Alexander Garrett waste no time and desert crazy on each other with reckless abandon. Identical in their sinewy bulk and muscularity, the dudes are amazing matched. And their physical attributes - as beautiful as they are lethal - just rival the intensity of their carnal desires. Alexander received down on his knees to worship D.O.'s plump dick, nursing on it with gusto. And in a short time D.O. is wanting more, beginning an aggressive assault on his partner's ass. First he rims Alexander's hole, wetting it with slurps and tongue jabs; then he nails it hard. More fevered rim action follows with several added finger pokes, plus more stick stuffing, and even the insertion of a wooden juggling pin. It doesn't matter what's going in as Alexander grunts and groans his approval until both friends vigorously final themselves off by hand and unload. Scene 2 - Jesse Santana & Cavin Knight: Cavin Knight is a determined man on a mission as he kneels between Jesse Santana's strong legs to swallow his swollen cock. With his right hand firmly gripping the base of the plump shaft, he guides the pierced dickhead into his mouth, letting his lips glide over the mushroom tip and down the large length. Then Jesse takes over and skillfully deepthroats Cavin's pole, feasting on it greedily before he starts tasting out his ass, juicing up the puckered cunt with his spit. With Cavin then hunkering down, Jesse stuffs his engorged stick up his manhole. He gyrates in and out in a steady sensuous rhythm executing them both feel the burn of pained pleasure. They continue fucking every which way and after a switcheroo, Cavin jumps into the driver's seat to drill Jesse's lusty hole. Nearing climax, the pair hunks jack themselves off to a gut-busting final of a mixed nut blast onto Jesse's ripped abs... which Cavin gleefully swallows his stick up. Scene 3 - Tom Wolfe & Heath Jordan: Staring directly into uber-stud Tom Wolfe's hairy ass, equally furry Heath Jordan is more than prepared to dive right in. He grabs hold of Tom's plump thighs and swallows his stick through the thicket of anal hair to reach his glorious hole. Then he turns Tom around, pulls his stick out of his jockstrap and excitedly sucks it down. Tom coos with excitement as he holds Heath's chief securely and nails his mouth, executing him plug and cough. They stop to lather each other with aggressive man kisses and then Tom received to work. He throws Heath down on his back, upends him and jams his hot tongue into his ass. He fingers the hole, makes it slick with his spit and then fills it with his cock, thrusting in and out - speed and hard. Heath then climbs aboard a supine Tom and jumps his rock meat pole. They reposition themselves with Heath lying flat on his back, jerking off his stick as Tom continues plugging away. The friends at last shoot their wads, creaming Heath's furry stomach with warm cum. Scene 4: D.O. & Marc Dylan: Stretching Marc Dylan's smooth anal cheeks apart, D.O.gains easy access to his twitching bunghole. The handsome power top stretches the anal crush open and swallows his stick it clean. He teases Marc with a variety of hot slurps and then shocks him with hardly slaps across his ass. Excellent and determined to perform as energetically, Marc received up to swallow D.O.'s dick. He nurses on it hungrily executing sure his oral experience are exciting his partner. He then lays back with his chief over the side of the bed, opens his leeps wide so D.O. can really cram his stick down his gullet. D.O. lifts Marc's hips up to rim his anal again, this time more aggressively and roughly. He stuffs his thumb inside the hole, reddens the round cheeks with more harsh slaps and then nails his sweetheart hardly and fast. Marc mounts D.O.'s perfect stick and they continue screwing. With all this overwhelming stimulation, Marc jacks away at his stiffy until he climaxes and D.O. follows, blasting his feed onto his exhausted partner.
2:00 Tags: muscle anal

Dominus goes out to all the fans of classic pants and leather-clad, cute and gritty fellow sex. Muscled, hirsute and tattooed dudes slam their monster dicks in hungry holes. Giant biceps spread leather armbands and jockstraps and ass-less chaps frame bubble butts as these hunks pursue testosterone-fueled encounters in a african porno club...the intensity is electric...the satisfaction complete. Scene One - Adam Champ and Logan McCree Hairy, muscular stud Adam Champ positions and flexes as the tattooed piece of fellow art, Logan McCree watches. Adam's leather arm bands strain and spread as he flexes his giant biceps, inspiring Logan - clad just in leather chaps - to stroke his erect extremely cock. Logan likes how Adam's jock is bulging, and he decides that he wants a taste of Adam's fat, uncut cock. After Adam's boner is bared Logan blows and swallows hungrily as the spit runs out of his mouth. With obvious engorged excitement Adam is prepared for Logan's bum and turns him around, pounding him doggie-style. Bending Logan over the frame of the dungeon bed, Adam secures his monster motorcycle buttocks on the headboard to prime pile ride Logan's bared manhole. Logan hangs upside down moaning and writhing in orgasm with each pumping stroke. Logan ends the encounter on his back as Adam bones out both their monster loads all over Logan's inked chest and stomach. Scene 2 - Remy Delaine and Morgan Black Remy Delaine and Morgan Ebony are kissing passionately as their dicks are begging to be released from the confines of their faded, denim jeans. Morgan is fast down on his knees sucking and sucking Remy's enormous uncut cock. His rugged beard rubs against Remy's thighs and monster nuts as he gulps it down. Remy soon received his turn on Morgan's monster boner until it swells to hardness. Flipping Morgan around, spreading his muscled bum and exposing his hirsute hole, Remy tongues and fingers Morgan's cute vagina until it is lubed and prepared for a thick, curved surprise. He bones Morgan doggie-style then the Couples hunks flip-flop and Remy receives a pounding from Morgan's gigantic shaft leading to both hunks blowing their sticky loads. Scene Three - Jason Adonis and Race Cooper Jason Adonis is nude except for his harness and size Thirteen dark boots. He flexes his muscles and jerks his monster club while muscle-bound, Race Cooper watches from a distance. Race wanks his monster boner and plays with his vagina through his dark leather chaps watching Jason attend to himself until the sexual tension brings them together with Race diving in for a taste Jason's gigantic pole. Race is on his knees in front of the muscular god worshiping his gigantic meat, spitting, licking and cramming the monster dick down his throat. Jason leans back on the rough, wood table and spread his legs wide to bare his hirsute vagina to hungry Race who greedily blows and tongues this cute muscular ass. Next, Race is kneeling on the table so Jason may suck his rigid dick until Jason's excitement received over triggering him to roughly flip Race over and rim his hole, readying him for action. Race moans and yells in ecstasy as Jason slides his club in, instantly fucking and thrusting with entire force. This is a coarse throw-down fuck session between Couples excited dudes transitioning from doggie to reverse cowboy to Race ending up on his back as both hunks blow giant, cute loads on Race's muscled abs. Scene Four - Josh West and Angelo Marconi Angelo Marconi can't grasp his eyes off of Josh West's thick, extremely club hanging out of the ripped crotch of his jeans. Moving in quickly, Angelo is immediately on his knees sucking Josh's enormous fellow meat. He blows and gulps with orgasm as the drool runs down his chin. The truest of bottoms, Angelo turns around, puts 1 of his monster dark buttocks on the leather bed and spreads his cheeks wide, exposing his red hole. Josh seizes the minute and claims Angelo's ass, owning it with his tongue and mouth. Fingering himself in preparation for the enormous tool, Angelo begs Josh's fat club to enter him. Angelo groans in orgasm as Josh crams his inches into the hungry hole. Josh bones his excellent bottom relentlessly into the corner of the bed as Angelo asks for more. Being the fucking device that he is, Josh plows bum until Angelo blows a thick, explosive feed all over his muscled stomach. Josh pulls out, walks over and sprays Angelo's attractive face with a milky load.
2:00 Tags: fuck sucking


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